Andrew Grantham

Supporting the UK Print Industry

The printing sector was probably one of the most hard-hit sectors by the 2008 financial crash as corporate Britain cut back on costs wherever it was feasibly possible.

It continues to struggle in 2016 as printers continue to see cut backs on advertising and marketing collateral, meaning the requirement for printing and the services printers offer has decreased.

Equally many companies now do simple design and print jobs such as stationery in-house, which has consequently left a large number of printers chasing a diminished number of jobs.

Invoice Finance versus a Bank Overdraft

Banks don’t help

Over the last few years there has been a marked change in the stance of banks and their lending criteria, particularly for overdrafts, and this has been driven by both the economic climate but also changes in legislation which has eroded elements of the security value of the traditional mortgage debenture.

This has allowed the Invoice Finance market to step in and fill some of the vacuum.

Have you outgrown your overdraft?

The holidays are nearly over and it’ll be back to the grindstone for most business owners.

A quiet Summer break can be a welcome respite from the daily rigours of work, although many may have used the time to reassess their business finances, with some worrying conclusions about the coming second half of the year.

SME’s are increasingly finding their existing overdraft facilities too restrictive and, with banks being unwilling to lend more whilst also requiring more personal security and higher fees, are looking to secure alternative funding for their business.

How can a haulier boost its cashflow for the upcoming Christmas?

The UK logistics industry is very important to the UK economy, being worth more than £75 billion, employing over 2 million people and is currently one of only a handful of sectors actually growing at present.

Despite this positive outlook, many haulage companies face major cashflow problems with the high price of fuel customers taking longer and longer to pay. Driver wages, HP commitments and vehicle repair bills can also stifle cashflow and the upfront cost of the upcoming Christmas period doesn't help matters at all.

Halloween is round the corner, but don’t let your overdraft renewal turn into a real nightmare!

There still remains a good deal of bluster in the media about banks not supporting new lending propositions and businesses not being able to gain access to much needed finance.

Whilst some may argue the banks have now opened their doors for new business once again, the reality for the customer may be somewhat different with the terms now being tightened much more in favor of the bank. This could mean increased pricing and/or increased personal security being required.