At Skipton Business Finance, your trust is extremely important to us.

So we want to let you know that we have updated our Data Privacy Notice. This explains how we collect, store and handle your personal data.


We take the trust of you and your clients data very seriously. In many business relationships there will be a flow of data from one business to another – and where that data consists, wholly or partly, of ‘personal data’, the new GDPR rules requires certain provisions to be included in the form of a Data Privacy Notice, which we have updated.

In accordance with general data protection regulations, data is processed and retained in accordance with our data privacy notice and you entering into this contractual obligation.

Data Privacy Notice
I confirm that I have read and understood the new Data Privacy Notice
Your Client Data(referrals you send us!)
When making a referral to Skipton Business Finance, I / we have ensured that Skipton Business Finance will have authority to process any personal data provided as a data controller.


We don’t normally send out newsletters and e-shots and we respect that you don’t want to be bombarded with marketing emails. However, we very occasionally want to let you know about special offers or competitions that we run. We would love to continue contacting you with regards to promotional information.

Marketing Preferences
I confirm that I am happy to be contacted via email
I confirm that I am happy to be contacted via post

Please tick as appropriate:

We consider an existing introducer as someone who as completed this online agreement before.
New Introducer
Existing introducer submitting a change in details

Self Billing Arrangement

Commission is paid on a monthly basis. To participate in this arrangement, please complete the details below.

Please note: in accordance with HMRC requirements, we will contact you annually in September/October to re-confirm VAT details.

This is an agreement to a self billing procedure between:

Business Address
Bank Details


Customer Name:
Skipton Business Finance Ltd
VAT Number:
500 248105

The customer/self biller (Skipton Business Finance Ltd) agrees:

  1. To issue self billed invoices for all supplies made to them by the self billee (the introducer/supplier), the above VAT details to be re-confirmed annually.
  2. To complete self billed invoices showing the supplier's name, address and VAT registration number, together with all the other details which constitute a full VAT invoice.
  3. To make a new self billing agreement in the event that their VAT registration number changes.
  4. To inform the supplier if the issue of self billed invoices will be outsourced to a third party.

The self billee (the introducer/supplier) agrees:

  1. To accept invoices raised by the self biller on their behalf until notified in writing.
  2. Not to raise sales invoices for the transactions covered by this agreement.
  3. To notify the customer immediately if they:
    1. Change their VAT registration number;
    2. Cease to be VAT registered; or
    3. Sell their business or part of their business.
Many thanks - we look forward to doing business with you!
Team SBF!