Top 10 Worst CV Mistakes

SBF's recruitment agency clients are regularly faced with the difficult challenge of sifting through CVs packed full of impressive achievements and elongated words.

But not all the CVs they receive are quite so well crafted or thought through!

In our opinion, here are the top 10 worst CV mistakes you can make:

10) Friends as references

Not generally a good idea, especially if a few of you all apply to the same company!

5 Oldest Companies in the UK

Here at SBF, we are proud to have a long and esteemed history of providing invoice finance facilities to UK businesses. But there are a few other companies who have been trading for a little bit longer!

Below, we document 5 of the oldest companies still running in the UK:

1) Royal Mint

The UK’s proud history of economic excellence arguably began over 1,100 years ago in 886 with the foundation of the Royal Mint.

Top 10 Facts about UK Manufacturing

Did you know almost one in three companies using invoice finance facilities across the UK are in the manufacturing sector?

Here at SBF, we love manufacturers and find our facilities are really suited to manufacturers and helping to improve their cashflow. The sector is crucial to the UK’s economy.

Below is SBF’s rundown on the key facts and figures of the manufacturing industry, indicating its importance to the UK economy:

12% manufacturing output as % of GDP

Top 10 Inspirational Business Quotes

Sometimes a few inspiring quotes can do wonders for a businessman or woman’s self-esteem. This is especially true when times are tough and business opportunities may not be proving as profitable as hoped.

Here are SBF’s top 10 quotes (in no particular order) from a variety of different people and eras:

“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision” – Peter Drucker

This quote speaks for itself; there are always brave decisions behind a successful business.

Top 5 Product Failures

Increasingly in the 21st century, new products and technology come along and completely change the way the world works. Just where would the world be without the invention of the all-encompassing smart phone?

But some products are more notable for the strange decision-making behind them and an ultimate lack of success.

For example, did you know about Apple’s The Newton, a device that was meant to change personal computing? Or what about Sony’s Minidisc and MD player, which quickly became an obsolete music format.