Top 10 Facts about UK Recruitment

Skipton Business Finance has a lengthy record in providing recruitment agencies with working capital through Invoice Factoring and Invoice Discounting.

We view the UK recruitment industry as vital to the UK economy. It is a particularly fast growing sector in 2015, especially now the economy is starting to pick up again after a tough few years and recruitment has appeared high on the agenda of many private and public companies.

Top 10 Worst Business Mistakes

Over the years, there have been some unbelievably bad business decisions. Whether it be to pass on the opportunity to take on a major role or buy a company that would later become a giant, you can be sure there will be many businessmen and women regretting business decisions they’ve made in the past .

Here are SBF’s top 10 gaffes:

10. Royal Mail rebranding itself as Consignia

To go with the new millennium, Royal Mail decided to rebrand itself. After two years of head scratching, they settled upon the name Consignia in early 2001.

Top 10 Facts about UK Printing

The UK printing industry has come through a tough time in the last few years, with a number of technological, environmental and economic factors presenting major challenges to small business and SME printing owners during the economic downturn.

However, there are still many reasons to be cheerful for the industry, with the following statistics documenting how printing remains crucial to the UK economy (with SMEs playing a big part!):

Top 10 Most Annoying Office-isms

Every office has them, every office worker uses them (occasionally), every office worker hates them (probably)... yes, they are the infamous office-isms, otherwise known as office jargon, that many of us will be subject to on a daily basis.

Going forward in this blog, we will touch base with you and drill down into our top 10 most annoying office-isms:

1. “Let’s take this offline”

Here is a classic example of technology ‘gone mad’, when what we mean by taking something offline is can we chat in person.

Top 10 Facts about UK Construction

The UK’s construction industry is fast becoming one of the most important sectors in the UK. Since the recession, it has regularly shown growth and become resilient to tricky economic conditions.

Below is SBF’s rundown on the key facts and figures of the Construction industry, indicating its importance to the UK economy:

7.8% Construction Output as % of GDP

£109 billion added to UK economy (2009)