About our Partnership with Menfulness UK

We are incredibly proud to be supporting Menfulness UK – a mental health charity based in York.  Menfulness brings men together to socialise, exercise and enjoy themselves, whilst sharing their experiences in a supportive, impartial environment that improves mental and physical health. Their vision is a society in which men feel empowered and supported to be the best version of themselves, encouraging the theme of #DontManUpSpeakUp.

The charity is focused on the mental health of males and is run by a passionate team, who continue to offer an incredible support network in Yorkshire. Menfulness offer support groups and fundraising events, as well as a counselling programme through Serendipity Counselling York. 

At Skipton Business Finance, we are working hard to raise money for this important cause and to get our business community involved in a range of fundraising events, raising awareness for mental health and promoting support for those that are struggling.

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How can you support Menfulness?

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To find out more about our partnership with Menfulness UK, get in touch at info@skiptonbf.co.uk.