Andrew Grantham

Have you outgrown your overdraft?

The holidays are nearly over and it’ll be back to the grindstone for most business owners.

A quiet Summer break can be a welcome respite from the daily rigours of work, although many may have used the time to reassess their business finances, with some worrying conclusions about the coming second half of the year.

SME’s are increasingly finding their existing overdraft facilities too restrictive and, with banks being unwilling to lend more whilst also requiring more personal security and higher fees, are looking to secure alternative funding for their business.

Supporting the UK Print Industry

The printing sector was probably one of the most hard-hit sectors by the recession, as corporate Britain cut back on costs wherever it was feasibly possible.

Unfortunately, one of the quickest measures to reduce outlay is to cut back on advertising and marketing collateral, meaning the requirement for printing and the services printers offer has decreased.

Equally many companies now do simple design and print jobs such as stationery in-house, which has consequently left a large number of printers chasing a diminished number of jobs.

The importance of management accounts

The objective of management accounts is simply to provide small business owners with key financial and statistical information in a timely manner, which can assist them in making effective day-to-day business decisions.

Management accounts generally consist of a profit & loss account and a balance sheet, which form a management pack:

Are your suppliers about to throw your business on the bonfire?

With the year end fast approaching, so looms the spectra of having to file last year's accounts.

Many SMEs may not have considered potential problems if they are about to file a less than impressive set of figures, with many assuming everyone is in the same boat.


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