Andrew Grantham

Invoice Finance versus a Bank Overdraft

In a highly mobile, shrinking world, transport and logistics will only prove to become more important in helping UK businesses run efficiently and profitably over the next few years. The UK logistics industry is worth £75 billion to the UK economy, employs over 2 million people and is actually a growing sector that will see a greater demand for effective and integrated freight solutions throughout 2012 and beyond.

Is your business feeling unloved?

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and whilst many of us will have remembered to buy our better halves a card and flowers or arrange a romantic dinner, how many will have taken the time to give their business a little cuddle?

With many businesses still struggling with existing customers taking longer to pay, not to mention increasing bad debts, it’s easy to see how these businesses might feel a little neglected right now.

Invoice Finance: Not As Expensive As You Think?

Recent surveys have suggested that access to traditional banking facilities remains tricky for UK enterprises despite the improving economic conditions. Together with the fact that costs are escalating for the lucky ones who can secure an overdraft, it’s not really  surprising that more entrepreneurs and small business owners are considering alternative ways to fund their businesses.

Supporting the UK Print Industry

The printing sector was probably one of the most hard-hit sectors by the recession, as corporate Britain cut back on costs wherever it was feasibly possible.

Unfortunately, one of the quickest measures to reduce outlay is to cut back on advertising and marketing collateral, meaning the requirement for printing and the services printers offer has decreased.

Equally many companies now do simple design and print jobs such as stationery in-house, which has consequently left a large number of printers chasing a diminished number of jobs.


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